Have you ever wanted to publish scholarly technical papers📝🤓? Here is a great opportunity to unleash the inner technical writer in you! This can be your chance to shine bright and stand out amongst your peers✨!

IETE-SF ‘s DJ Spark, a project-based technical paper presentation competition, provides a platform for budding technical writers to present their papers! So put on your thinking caps and type away⌨..

If your paper gets selected, then it will be published in our very own journal called DJ Spark which has a recognised ISBN number!

Winners of this competition will be awarded the following cash prizes💵!
First Prize –  ₹12000
Second prize –  ₹6000
Third prize –  ₹4000

Hurry up and submit your papers before 5th March, 2019📨!

The final event, DJ Spark 2019, will be held on 12th April, 2019!

There is no submission fee so go ahead and send us your papers!

Mail us your papers at:

Participation certificate will be given to all the contestants of the event!

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ISBN: 978-93-5346-369-4