DJ STRIKE is an initiative of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department organized by students committee of IETE-SF. It is a collaborative learning where students from various departments are working together, sharing their knowledge to develop an application based prototype. DJ strike starts with floating projects in various domains followed by forming the groups of SE and TE students mentored by a BE student and guided by a faculty member.

Each group gives three project topic preferences, exploring topics across a range of subject boundaries which motivates students to pursue further knowledge in different subject areas. One topic is allotted after discussion with faculty coordinators. After finalizing the topic, each group goes through three stages of review process at regular intervals displaying their progress. Each group is evaluated based on various points by faculty coordinators. Each review consists of 50 marks. This review is carried out over a span of four months. The structure of the reviews and guidance given by reviewers helps in the timely submission and systematic approach to complete the project in all aspects. The first review primarily focuses on the the ability of the student to apply basic knowledge, to analyse the problem and propose a model tool to execute project. The second review takes place a month later where each group is required to complete about half of the project and write the technical paper based on the work done. Students are guided on how to write a technical paper and a video is also been shared for the same purpose. In the third review, each group is required to demonstrate full prototype and submit entire project along with technical paper. Each technical paper undergoes plagiarism check by Turnitin software and based on the report, the paper with minimum plagiarism is accepted for the publication.

After the final review, top 5 groups are promoted to DJ Spark which is a state level competition and their technical papers are published in DJ spark magazine carrying ISBN number. Rest of the projects are presented during DJ strike competition and their technical papers are published in DJ strike magazine with ISBN number. DJ strike is a yearlong academic activity where students share and apply their knowledge of Engineering fundamentals and Engineering specialization in order to solve a specific problem. Each student learns how to function effectively as a team member as well as a team leader. This project based learning holds great weightage in any resume and can help boost career of the student. It reflects of their practical knowledge and enhance the prospect of the student either to get a job or admission for higher studies. It allows more in depth exploration of topics, issues and problems within and across subject areas and discipline. It helps students to nurture themselves as an engineer, giving them chance of finding the solution to a similar problem that they might carry out in their future profession. The projects made a great impact in the form of Industrial as well as from Social perspective.