Cansat is a small satellite with telemetric instruments on it that can be deployed from a rocket several thousand feet in the air.


Cansat is designed to reflect various aspects of real world missions including telemetry requirements, communications, and autonomous operations.


Participating in this competition will help us understand the various complexities involved in making a Canister Satellite and will provide us with the invaluable experience of working in a team, while participating on an international level and representing our institution.

Previously Participated Universities:

The other colleges that have participated in this competition and represented our country are University of Petroleum and Energy and VIT University, who were acclaimed 1st and 2nd in the competition.

About the competition:

The Cansat Competition is organized by American Astronautical Society (AAS) and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). . Teams must be able to design and build a space-type system, following the approved competition guide, and then compete against each at the end of two semesters to determine the winners. Rockets will be provided but teams are responsible for funding the construction of their CanSat and all travel/lodging expenses.



Team Members

Hitesh Baadkar

Shruti Pistolwala

Abhishek Satpute

Mohit Pant

Manasi Shahane

Aman Shah

Jeet Sanghavi

Megh Doshi

Sreeragini Ramkumar

Shikhar Mishra

Parth Thakkar

Pavitra Gandhi

Jeneel Kachhadiya

Vaibhav Chheda

Suyash Ail

Pooja Jha

Joel Joy