DJS Arya


DJS Arya, the official canister satellite team of DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering , Mumbai, was formed in the year 2017 by a group of students from mechanical, computer and extc departments, intrigued by the world of space technology.
Just as the name suggests, we build a fully functional miniature satellite integrated with space technology, which we present each year at the annual International Cansat competition , conducted by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in collaboration with NASA.

djsce arya team structure 2021-22
djsce arya team 2021-22

Mission Overview

Design a Cansat that shall consist of a container and a payload. The payload shall be
attached to the container by a 10 meter long tether. The Cansat shall be launched to an
altitude ranging from 670 meters to 725 meters above the launch site and deployed near
apogee (peak altitude). Orientation of deployment is not controlled and is very violent with
large shock forces. The Cansat must survive the forces incurred at launch and deployment.
Once the Cansat is deployed from the rocket, the Cansat shall descend using a parachute at
a rate of 15 m/s. At 400 meters, the Cansat shall deploy a larger parachute to reduce the
descent rate to 5 m/s. At 300 meters, the Cansat shall release a tethered payload to a
distance of 10 meters in 20 seconds. During that time, the payload shall maintain the
orientation of a video camera pointing in the south direction. The video camera shall be
pointed 45 degrees downward to assure terrain is in the video.
Bonus: As the container is releasing the payload, the container shall contain a video camera
and start recording to show the descent of the payload. All videos are to be recorded and
recovered when the Cansat is recovered from the field.