DJ Spark is a National Level project competition organized by IETE-SF of Department Of Electronics And Telecommunication of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College Of Engineering. The competition aims at rekindling an Engineer’s ever present thirst to make, to build, to innovate, and to conquer. It brings together Engineering students from all over India inviting them to demonstrate their projects and compete with one another giving them all a common platform. The papers based on their projects submitted in IEEE two column format are thoroughly reviewed and the shortlisted ones are demonstrated on the day of the competition. Eminent personalities from academia and industries are invited to access projects based on innovative idea and applicability. DJ Spark is not only a platform for the participants to compete but also to share technical ideas and views. The top projects are awarded. The papers of selected projects are published in DJ Spark’s own Technical Journal having an ISBN number. Hence giving them an unprecedented exposure and encouraging them to excel further.

DJ Spark is all set to be held in April, 2021!


DJ Spark aims to encourage students who are eager and passionate to learn and implement ideas in the form of Technical projects. Students can make utmost use of this platform to broaden their horizon in their respective field of interest and present it with the same conviction. The project competition aims at projects from undergraduate and post-graduate level from all Engineering Colleges across India.